About us

Ladies and gentlemen, dear customers.

BSK VIETNAM SECURITY SERVICES JOINT STOCK COMPANY would like to send our best wishes and best regards to you. Hope the following information about the security services of our company will make you satisfied.

Protecting BSK VIETNAM understands the benefits and investment value that each customer has spent with us is not only the duty and responsibility but also the honor, the trust that customers love.

Absolutely sent to BSK Vietnam. Therefore, the team of staff members of the corporation protection BSK Vietnam is always aware of the spirit of work is not afraid to hard, determined to build the goal of fulfilling the mission that customers have sent. by the most devoted service. We are committed to bring absolute service quality to bring satisfaction and peace of mind from the customer.

  • Our company was established under the business license issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Bac Ninh City, Bac Ninh Security Agency issued the certificate of satisfaction of security and order. The scope of our company operations nationwide
  • The management team has good quality and experience in professional protection. The board of directors of the company is a former officer of the law enforcement agency who is experienced in the field of crime prevention and protection. Human resources are recruited from military personnel who have worked in the Armed Forces, the Security Force, have the experience, dynamic in the work.
  • BSK Vietnam security staff is trained in the curriculum of the Public Security Agency, training programs from basic to advanced, knowledgeable Vietnamese law skills in martial arts, communication behavior, emergency, rescue, firefighting practice ...
  • Our company has been providing security services such as: home protection; Protect the weak; Office building protection; Bank; Protection of supermarkets, trade centers, fairs, restaurants, hotels; Factory protection; Factory site; Warehouse production facilities, cargo escort protection, property ...
  • When using our services, customers will be advised by BSK Vietnam Security Services Joint Stock Company to provide optimal solutions to protect the safety of property and people. Supporting the development of fire prevention and fighting plans, training staff on fire prevention and fighting. In addition to security guards, we also provide quality inspection services with a team of supervisors, maneuverers, timely response to situations occurring at the target.
  • The objectives and development direction of Hoang Son Company are: PRESTIGE, QUALITY, EFFICIENT, SAFETY. With the motto of customer satisfaction is the quality of service. We are looking forward to becoming a reliable and long term partner with our customers.
  • At a reasonable cost, ensuring the cost of protecting the customer. We believe that coming to BSK Security Services Vietnam is the right choice for you. Pleased to serve customers!